Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bye Bye Binky!

So as of a little over a week ago, I decided it was time for Sam to say a permanent goodbye to the ever helpful P-A-C-I.  I had already weaned him down from whenever he wanted it, to JUST at naptime and bedtime, so I thought it would be best to knock it down to just bedtime. Oddly enough the first day of no paci at naptime, he didn't even ask for it, of course leaving me to think "Ha! This is gonna be easier than I thought!"-little did I know... Day 2 was NOT that easy, he kept asking "Where paci?" and I kept telling him he didn't need his paci anymore, he was a big boy. He did eventually go to sleep, and from there on out, naptime didn't seem to be as hard. Week 2 was the HARD part... Week 2 started the beginning of NO-PACI, NONE-OF-THE-TIME. My good friend here in Germany, Lesley, had told me how when her daughter had to get rid of her paci that they had tied it to a balloon and let it go, telling Alayna that they were sending her paci to the Angels, and when she turned around there was a special present for her from the Angels, and how everytime she asked for her paci, they reminded her how they sent it to the Angels. I thought that was a sweet story, so on Night 1 of no-paci when Sam asked "where paci?",  I told him that "We had to send your paci to Matthew in Heaven because he never got a paci, you be a big boy for Mommy and go nightnight, I love you!", he only asked for it 1 more time, and went to sleep! Night 2 he didn't ask for it at all! Last night, on Night 3 he did ask for it a couple times, but did eventually go to sleep. It seems to be going pretty good, he doesn't ask for it at all at naptime anymore, so just keep us in your prayers that bedtime will continue to be a success! We've come this far, is it too soon to say that I think we may be rid of the paci for good?

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